Kevin Hart, Jimmy Fallon Scream Their Way Through a Haunted House (Video)

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Turns out, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon are extremely — extremely — scared of haunted houses.

After the duo rode a rollercoaster together, Fallon took Hart through New York’s haunted house, Blood Manor.

“I don’t like being scared, I am for real scared,” Fallon told Hart at the beginning of the clip, showing the pair with GoPro cameras on their chests.

Hart added that any characters that come at him will receive a “boot to the neck.”

As Fallon and Hart are pursued by men with chainsaws, creepy surgeons and little girls with pigtails. Hart can be heard saying, “I don’t like this!”

At the end of the trip, Hart yelled, “Let me out!” And once the two got to a sign leading to the gift shop, they were safe.

But Hart assured viewers that while it might have looked like he was scared, he’s “an actor.”

Hart’s concert film “Kevin Hart: What Now?” opens Friday. It was directed by Tim Story and is expected to gross around $14 million its opening weekend.

Watch the video above.

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