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Block & Tackle: Let the coach whine—the “crazy” fumble rules are fine

Block & Tackle is John Teti’s column about pro football.

The Baltimore Ravens lost to Washington on Sunday, and a pivotal play in the game was a strange non-turnover in the third quarter. With the Washington offense backed up on its own 3-yard line, Baltimore cornerback C.J. Mosley intercepted a pass and scrambled to return it for the touchdown. But in the final inches of his mad dash, the pigskin fluttered loose from Mosley’s grasp, drifting past the goal line to bound out of bounds. All was gained, then lost.

When you fumble the ball out of the opposing team’s end zone, it’s a touchback. As a result, Mosley’s interception went for naught: Washington was awarded the ball at the 20-yard line. In essence, Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins gained 17 yards by throwing an interception. Cousins must like this rule very much.

Baltimore head …

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