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What Are You Playing This Weekend?: Overwatch got a campy horror makeover just in time for Halloween

Welcome to our weekly open thread for the discussion of gaming plans, nagging questions, and whatever else we feel like talking about. No matter what the topic, we invite everyone in the comments to tell us: What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend, I’ll probably still be blasting my way through Mafia III as I wrap up our review. But between Cajun-spiced crime sprees, I’ll be going back to Overwatch, which has been my faithful standby since its release in May. There’s a little extra incentive to wasting my precious free time on it these days, though. Just as they did for the Summer Olympics, those devious developers at Blizzard have given their best-in-class competitive shooter a seasonal makeover to pull players back in and give those of us who haven’t been able to shake the bug a slew of new goodies to win in …

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