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TV Review: Another premium channel piles on to Peak TV with Graves and Berlin Station

Epix is primarily known these days for its extensive movie library, but the premium-cable network did give original programming a go back in 2009, when the channel was in its nascency. A pilot was shot for Tough Trade, a family drama from Jenji Kohan, but it never aired. The series starred Sam Shepard, Cary Elwes, and Joey Lauren Adams, and centered on a Nashville-based country music dynasty. The episode tested well, but something about the cast or plot didn’t sit well with Epix executives, who passed on the series in 2010.

Given the popularity of Nashville and Empire, it’s hard not to read this as a missed opportunity for Epix, who waited five years before delving back into scripted territory. But the network set out to make up for lost time in May 2015, handing out series orders to Graves, a White House-adjacent comedy from Joshua Michael Stern …

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