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TV Club: Eleanor almost does the right thing on The Good Place

After ducking the issue for a few episodes, the fact that Eleanor has been tapped by Michael as co-investigator of her own secret finally takes center stage in “What We Owe To Each Other.” If The Good Place has has a central flaw in its first five episodes, it’s that everyone seems more or less sunnily resilient about the fact that their heaven is broken, any building concern (away from the core characters) washed away in a fro-yo-flavored haze. Well, tonight, Michael’s determined to get to the bottom of things, finally bringing Eleanor in to help him figure out what’s the malfunctioning piece that has the good place going intermittently buggy. Or lady-buggy. There were giant ladybugs.

Kristen Bell, Ted Danson (Photo: Justin Lubin/NBC)

In an episode that deals in a couple of classic (and theoretically tired) sitcom tropes, “What We Owe To Each Other” rides …

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