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TV Club: Better Things brings the feminist fire in an accidentally topical episode

Sometimes an episode of television hits at the perfect time. There’s no way that the writers of “Alarms” — Pamela Adlon, Louis CK, and Gina Fallore — knew that a shitstorm of sexual assault allegations would be hitting Donald Trump all at once, sparking a national conversation about the nature of these damaging encounters and consent, as well as the aggressions that women face on a daily basis. But here the episode is, in all of its glory, perfectly illustrating these conversations and criticisms in a way that shows how workaday these assaults — big and small — can become. Have a boy who could be your child show you his erection, keep going with your day.

The episode starts as Drexel (Tom Amandes) comes onto to Sam even though she makes no advances toward him. He asks if she smokes and talks to her suggestively. He just loves arts lovers. But, soon …

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