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TV Club: AHS: Roanoke finds itself in a hole, keeps digging—into its past

Trust American Horror Story to build the house, then worry about what it rests on. When Edward Phillippe Mott (Evan Peters), an enviably rich man even by the standard of his plantation-owning peers, hauls another clutch of precious art to his nearly completed house—the very house Matt and Shelby Miller have learned to fear—he learns that the crew is still working “day and night” on the extensive basement and tunnel system underneath.

(Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Saniyya Sidney, Cuba Gooding, Jr.) (Screenshot: FX)

Audiences split on this, but for me, Peters’ absurdly arch performance was one of the highlights of last season, so it could be fun to see him dig his teeth into Mott’s 18th century fop. But a hefty portion of its charm came from its sheer unexpectedness; what was audacious last season is dangerously close to repetition now.

On the flip side, it’s …

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