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Newswire: We’ve got the world premiere of the new Teenage Fanclub video

Teenage Fanclub has been a band for more than 25 years, gliding gently out of Scotland and into the world at large on the strength of its third album, 1991’s fantastic Bandwagonesque. A solid catalog followed, and the band just released its tenth(!) album, the tuneful, classic-sounding Here. We’ve got the world premiere of “Thin Air,” which adds just a bit of SoCal sunshine to the band’s Scottish pallor. Of the video, singer-guitarist Raymond McGinley told us, very drily: “The video was recorded in a basement in Glasgow, at the 13th Note venue. Directed by Blair Young from Forest of Black. He directed two videos for the band previously, in 2005, for the songs ‘It’s All In My Mind’ and ‘Fallen Leaves’ from the Man-Made LP. The first of those featured a robot, and the latter a skateboarder, but this time round it’s just the …

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