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Newswire: Lifetime orders euthanasia-themed comedy starring Hannibal’s Caroline Dhavernas

A year after NBC’s bloodily beautiful Hannibal came to a close, co-star Caroline Dhavernas is getting back into the world of TV killing. This time, though, the deaths will all be voluntary—and presumably less delicious or artistic—with Variety reporting that Dhavernas has signed on to star in Lifetime’s new scripted series Mary Kills People, about a physician with an underground business in doctor-assisted suicide.

Dhavernas will star as the titular Mary what kills, working with a former plastic surgeon partner to provide “angel of mercy” services to a variety of clients. But, as noted in the Variety write-up, while Mary has managed to stay under the radar… death is hot, business is booming and her double life is getting complicated.” Which sounds like this might be a series about dueling Dr. Kevorkians, which is certainly novel, as TV premises go.

Mary Kills People is Lifetime …

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