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Newswire: Korn wrote a song from a drug’s point of view—The A.V. Club wrote some sequels

Inspiration takes many forms. For the band Korn, those forms are often the myriad cruelties humans to themselves and others, leading to a discography that’s rife with exorcised personal demons. At the peak of the band’s popularity, its harrowing musical chronicles of child abuse, bullying, and all-day sex dreams resonated with alienated youth who needed something to cling onto after in those awkward, post-grunge years.

In 2016, however, Korn’s muse leads the band down a much sillier path. It’s a hopscotch court leading off a cliff and straight into “Take Me,” a single described via press release as follows:

“Take Me”—Korn’s newest track—is about beating addiction but from the point of view of the substance

Like a glass full of ice in the hand of a poorly tipped bartender, that synopsis dilutes the concept of “Take Me”; a quote on the song’s …

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