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Newswire: David Bowie’s art, furniture, and turntable are going up for auction

More than 350 pieces of the late David Bowie’s art and furniture collection are going on sale next month at Sotheby’s, meaning soon you can be sitting on David Bowie’s couch, listening to David Bowie’s record player, and looking at David Bowie’s Basquiat—that is, assuming you’re insanely rich. 18 of the collection’s items are currently previewed on the Sotheby’s site, though more will go up in the weeks to come before the sale. Some of the items, like this $400,000 Damien Hirst “sphincter” painting, are high-end pieces of art, while others, like this $1000 turntable console, are more attainable. It’s worth noting, though, that the figures cited are just auction estimates, meaning that what these items actually sell for given the Bowie provenance could be much, much higher than the initial figures would indicate.

A few of the more …

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