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Newswire: Billy Corgan pulls off heel turn, files lawsuit against his own wrestling company

In a rather mysterious storyline that will hopefully start making more sense as we get closer to the next big pay-per-view event, Billy Corgan has stepped into the black wrestling trunks of a villain and pulled off what the wrestling world calls a “heel turn.” That means he’s a bad guy now, and the playful, crowd-pleasing, and hashtag-hating Corgan we all knew and loved has been replaced with a more nefarious Corgan who probably does a lot more trash-talking and likes to hit his opponents with chairs all the time—or at least that’s how wrestling brand TNA probably feels about him now.

According to PWInsider (via Spin), Corgan has just filed a lawsuit against TNA Wrestling—a company that Corgan himself became the president of earlier this year. That on its own is a little strange, but it gets weirder: Corgan has also requested that the lawsuit …

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