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Newswire: Alex Trebek phrases his answer for nerdcore in the form of a cruel diss

A staple of Jeopardy! is quizmaster-host Alex Trebek’s mingling with the mortal contestants who appear on the show. Reading from cue cards with notes supplied by respective players doesn’t exactly encourage an easygoing exchange, but some interactions are notably poor. Case in point was last night’s episode, when Alex Trebek attempted to chat up Susan Cole, a legislative librarian from Bowie, Maryland.

Perhaps mistakenly believing that game recognize game in Burbank, Susan decided to use the segment to share her love of nerdcore hip-hop. But as evidenced in this video clip, Trebek had no love for the Nerdy South:

“Her favorite type of music is something I’ve never heard of, but doesn’t sound like fun,” Trebek says, setting up his guest to explain something he clearly has no interest in. Ignoring the host’s dismissiveness, Cole cheerily introduces Jeopardy! audiences to nerdcore hip-hop, her niche …

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