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Movie Review: What Now? is a better Kevin Hart vehicle than most of his studio comedies

It’s become a tradition for longer stand-up specials and concert films to open with a segment that brings the famous comedian from real life onto the stage. Kevin Hart has already appeared in two successful concert films, Laugh At My Pain and Let Me Explain, and so he answers the subtitle of his newest project, What Now?, with an opening segment designed to goose the film into a major event. A pretty decent parody of James Bond credits sequences gives way to a full 15 minutes of introductory shenanigans with Hart blustering his way around an over-lit casino.

This sequence is as scattershot and slapdash as any feature-length spy spoof starring Hart would have been; it’s even assembled by his Ride Along series director Tim Story. Doing away with any kind of stylistic approximation of Bond, the mini-movie uses freeze frames to call attention to its celebrity cameos …

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