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Comedy Special Review: Kyle Kinane gets impressively Loose In Chicago

In the intro to Kyle Kinane’s new special, Loose In Chicago, the comic emerges from a bar, walks two doors down to the Chicago club Metro, and starts his set. There’s a certain amount of myth-making (or myth-maintaining) in this—Kinane’s persona, embodied by the title of his 2012 album Whiskey Icarus, is part of his allure. Endlessly self-deprecating (he compares himself to his fans, “hirsute fart factories smelling like expired mustard”), Kinane plays up the idea of himself as twinkly barfly gremlin, even as his sets flow with practiced, seamless storytelling. “Loose” is both a true and false description of Kinane’s comedy, his hoarse, rambling style in service of a nimble comic mind and unostentatiously subtle acting skills. A Kinane set is like the ideal outcome of being regaled in the bar by a guy who says he has something funny to tell you.

As …

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