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TV Review: No slingshot required: Goliath knocks itself out

Let us now praise emptily entertaining TV: The schlocky, the tawdry, the Charo-enhanced. Self-contained, unpretentious, and made to air in perpetual repeats. The sort of programming that could be introduced with an enticing but ludicrous highlight reel, where Rick Simon forklifts his way out of a burning building or a camera swoops in on Jonathan Hart, Jennifer Hart, and Max wrapping up some sort of song-and-dance number. The works of your Quinn Martins, your Aaron Spellings, your Glen A. Larsons.

Now, Goliath is not completely that type of show. The names behind it—David E. Kelley and Jonathan Shapiro—aren’t those types creators. For years, Kelley’s imprimatur was as close to a televised seal of excellence as you could get. He was the breakout star of the L.A. Law writers’ room, which he joined after a stint practicing law himself in Boston. Kelley has returned to that …

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