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TV Review: Great performances and a trail of bodies litter Wolf Creek’s stumble into miniseries

Say what you will about the slasher subgenre of horror, it can’t be faulted for a lack of narrative economy. The typical method of storytelling, in which a group of people (usually young and attractive) are stalked and killed by some mysterious nemesis, rarely goes much beyond a 90-minute exercise in gore and the mechanics of killing, with character development and scene-building a distant third. Efforts to translate this structure to the longer format of episodic television have met with results both moderately successful and supremely less so. Wolf Creek, the latest effort to turn a relentless killer and a plucky final girl into a serialized story, has the leg up of an established and charismatic antagonist. What it lacks, unfortunately, is the know-how to transform this story into well-crafted episodic television.

The 2005 horror movie from writer-director Greg McLean has earned a cult following, thanks in part to …

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