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TV Club: SmackDown! Live gets wild, but don’t get too excited

“Tonight was wild!”

Daniel Bryan’s not exactly wrong when he says that at the beginning of this week’s Talking Smack. It’s even truer when it comes to the end of Talking Smack. Coming off the blue brand’s No Mercy pay-per-view, SmackDown! Live has some time to kill before its next brand-specific pay-per-view; RAW has Hell In A Cell next and then the brands come together for Survivor Series. So what we get as a result this week is a “wild” episode of SmackDown! Live, one where the points almost don’t matter.

This week’s SmackDown! Live definitely feels more like a rough draft than any other episode in recent memory. It’s often harder to pinpoint what makes a messy SmackDown! Live as opposed to a messy RAW, but look no further than the one small thing the blue brand usually wouldn’t forget to …

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