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TV Club: Kirkman finds “The Enemy” and he is us

Late in “The Enemy,” while newly minted press secretary Seth is giving an inspiring speech about rising to the occasion, President Kirkman stops briefly on his walk home to look at a photo of a soldier from World War II. Sutherland adopts a pensive expression; it’s not hard to read his mood, even if Kirkman’s exact thoughts are beyond us. This a serious business he’s involved in, and serious decisions have to be made on a regular basis. Is he up to the task? Can he make the necessary sacrifices to lead the country? Or will he flounder in the face of adversity, proving the doubters right that a low-level bureaucrat has no business occupying the highest office in the land.

It’s a nakedly sincere bit of artistry, uncomplicated by irony, meta-commentary, or ambiguity. And yeah, it’s a bit much. Given the horrors of the …

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