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TV Club: Jimmy struggles to find closure on a funny, touching You’re The Worst

“The one’s who love us least / Are the one’s we’ll die to please / If it’s any consolation / I don’t begin to understand them.”—The Replacements, “Bastards of Young”

There’s the family you’re given and the family you choose. We surround ourselves with the latter often as a relief or an escape from the former, but as much as we try to make our friends our “real family,” they’ll never quite compare. At some point in time, many if not all of us will have to reckon with what our families have passed on to us. There comes a point when they damage they have inadvertently caused will return with a vengeance to demand an audience. A part of being responsible for our actions means contending with the pain we’ve inherited, learning to let go of it or accept that it’ll …

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