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TV Club: Frequency’s time travel veers toward convoluted in episode number 2

I may be one of the only people who liked the Ashton Kutcher movie The Butterfly Effect, and it’s for the same reason that I’m finding Frequency so intriguing. On last night’s The Flash, Barry unnecessarily demonstrated different timelines on a whiteboard to his science-expert friends to explain why his moves back in time jarred the future. Unfortunately they did so, not in a dramatic way, but as the inimitable Scott Von Doviak pointed out, an extremely mopey way. Frequency, for all its possible future confusion (and to be sure, there is a lot of that), offers real-time changes as its ably juggles 1996 and 2016, so that when Raimy goes up to a New Jersey house she visited only the day before, we know that a different owner will answer.

That’s the stuff that Frequency does well, and in such a satisfying way. It’s …

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