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TV Club: Arrow sows the seeds for a potential bounce-back season

It’s a little hard to judge episodes like “Recruits,” because so much of their appeal lies in their potential, not their reality. This is a quintessential setup episode, and what we get tonight could end up looking really good, really bad, or just sort of forgettable depending on where the show goes next. But for now, there’s plenty of reason to think Arrow is onto something worthwhile here. The addition of Ragman is especially intriguing, as at long last we might get some follow-up on, you know, that time Arrow dropped a nuclear bomb and then just sort of moved on to other things. Positioning the character as the sole survivor of Havenrock gives him all sorts of credibility as an equal to Oliver in the painful backstory department, and he figures to serve as a walking reminder to Felicity of her own role in the town’s …

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