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Tomi Lahren Torched on Twitter for Telling Trump Haters to ‘Shut the Hell Up’ (Video)

The Blaze on-air personality and noted conservative Tomi Lahren is getting trashed on Twitter for telling anyone whining about the lewd 2005 Donald Trump-Billy Bush tape to “shut the hell up.”

The Trump supporter opined recently in her Final Thoughts segment — posted above — than those acting offended or rescinding their endorsement for the GOP presidential nominee are basically big, fat phonies. OK, we added the big and fat part.

Either way, social media has been having a field day with her remarks — some of the best, worst, funniest and/or harshest Twitter responses are posted below.

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“For all those ‘never Trumpers’ and bleeding hearts out there saying, ‘I told you so’ — shut the hell up,” Lahren had said to close out her show. “Don’t go around acting holier-than-thou about this like you’ve never heard anyone say anything like that before. Give me a break.”

“And don’t try to shame women who still support Trump,” she added. “No, we aren’t crying in the corner about this, and that doesn’t make us any less woman — so save your pity.”

More controversial Lahren quotes on the matter are transcribed below the following Twitter reactions.

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Does anybody else think Tomi Lahren sounds like she’d grow up to be that lady that freaked out at the Apple Store?

— Erik Casarez (@juanmayer) October 12, 2016

I wonder what it’s like for Tomi Lahren to scroll through her feed and only see the ugliest of white men agreeing with her

— Tina Dickey (@tina_fishes) October 12, 2016

@TomiLahren how about YOU don’t speak for all women.

— Mattea Dean (@PugsAreFurSlugs) October 12, 2016

@TomiLahren – you should be glad you’re young, pretty, and white. No wonder you think racism doesn’t exist.

— Jennifer Whiteside (@JennWhiteside) October 12, 2016

Tomi Lahren gives me a headache.

— Rinna (@corrinnemcclure) October 12, 2016

Why does Tomi Lahren always seem like she’s about to pass out during her idiotic rants?

— Jesus2cool (@o_0chelsea) October 12, 2016

I think at this point the only person I hate more than trump is Tomi Lahren

— Rachel Elliott (@rachmarie__) October 12, 2016

@TomiLahren the only thing people are bothered with is the fact you continue to be alive.

— Sad ???? Raccoon (@LuceFerre) October 12, 2016

Tomi Lahren is actual human garbage.

— Tlazolteotl ???? (@ksolicastile) October 12, 2016

Does anyone else have nightmares of @TomiLahren murdering them? Just me?

— Dargis After Dark (@EricDargisInc) October 12, 2016

think we should just nominate one person a week to check in on Tomi Lahren and report back so the rest of us can be spared

(not it)

— Dayana Sarkisova (@dsarkisova) October 12, 2016

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“It’s not good, it doesn’t sound good, it doesn’t look good,” Lahren had began her controversial comments. “It makes us uncomfortable, it makes us hard to defend our guy.”

“This recording does not surprise me at all,” she continued. “Be honest — most of you aren’t shocked, either. It’s Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman and reality star — not the pope! Is anyone really that taken aback by what he said?”

Watch the Lahren video above.

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