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‘The Good Wife’ Star Carrie Preston Exclusive StudioWrap Portraits (Photos)

Carrie Preston played one of the most memorable TV characters in recent memory: the off-beat defense attorney Tascioni on CBS’ “The Good Wife.”

Preston’s final appearance on the legal drama in its last season earned her an Outstanding Guest Actress nomination at this year’s Emmys.

“It’s the best, or was the best, network television show,” Preston told TheWrap. “I would even say the best television show, cable or network. The writing is extraordinary. And Julianna Margulies is a singular character on TV.”

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As memorable as the character is, Preston said it could sometimes be a challenge to play. “They love to give my crazy things to have to contend with,” she said. “Treadmill desks, and seeing penguins in my mind and just all kinds of things that they like to see if I can juggle.”

“This time it was yoga,” she said. “In the script, they wanted me to do bow pose … I can’t do that.”

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When asked which other character on television she wishes she could play, Preston chose fellow nominee Robin Wright‘s character on Netflix’s “House of Cards.”

“She’s fierce and incredible,” Preston said. “And Robin Wright is a force to be reckoned with. And respected.” Carrie Preston

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