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Newswire: Yes, that really was Paul Thomas Anderson on tonight’s Documentary Now!

Documentary Now!’s attention to detail produces a lot of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it visual gags, the type that reward a quick finger on the “pause” button. And while that’s also true of tonight’s episode, “Final Transmission,” the show’s most recent film-nerd Easter egg also rewards a pair of sharp ears. Or a few spins through the audio commentary on Boogie Nights: That film’s Oscar-nominated director, Paul Thomas Anderson, voices the director of the film-within-the-episode in “Final Transmission.” You’ll have to slow down the Stop Making Sense parody’s grand finale to catch his name in the credits, but there it is, right below Jon Wurster, in the role of Jonathan Demme stand-in Harrison Renzi:

“Final Transmission” credits (Screenshot: IFC)

Anderson wasn’t the first choice for the role. “We would have loved the idea of Jonathan Demme doing it, but couldn’t get in touch for …

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