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Newswire: Try not to have a robot freakout from these Westworld episode 3 photos

[Hey, this post contains major plot details from the first episode of Westworld, so don’t read it if you haven’t watched that yet and don’t want to know what happened. Thanks. -Ed.]

In the first episode of HBO’s Westworld, Louis Herthum’s robot farmer Peter Abernathy had a total breakdown when he stumbled upon a photo of a woman in Times Square—a place that shouldn’t exist in what he perceives as reality. This drove him to freak out his robot daughter and some human technicians, prompting the technicians to give him the old “drill through the nose” treatment and toss his naked robot body in a storage room. Now, HBO has released some photos from the show’s upcoming third episode, and hopefully they won’t be so existentially shocking that your brain breaks in a similar way—though if it does, there’s …

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