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Newswire: The A.V. Club is going to Australia for BingeFest

Despite what you might have heard, The A.V. Club enjoys getting off the couch and heading outside for some fresh air, which we’ve been known to do even during the fall TV season. This winter, we’re going so far as to send a contingent of pop-culture ambassadors abroad. Now, Wilmington certainly has its charms, but The A.V. Club is going to Australia! Not to make boot jokes, though—we’re heading to the inaugural BingeFest in Sydney.

The A.V. Club’s helping take over the Sydney Opera House from December 17 to 18 for a 24-hour event that’s packed with TV, podcasts, art, and cat videos. Led by TV Club editor Erik Adams, our staffers will hold a lively discussion of the shows you should have watched by now, from The Twilight Zone to Mad Men to Community. With all the dramas, genre shows …

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