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Newswire: Seeso orders series about Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show from Paul Reiser

Television is saturated with late-night programs. Scratch that: Television is saturated with late-night programs hosted by white men. Late-night needs a shakeup, but in the meantime, Paul Reiser is making a comedy set behind the scenes of an iconic late-night show hosted by an iconic white man, which will be coming soon to Seeso. NBC’s streaming network announced that it has ordered an eight-episode series called There’s…Johnny!, created by Reiser and co-written with David Steven Simon. There’s…Johnny! is a scripted comedy set backstage of Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show in 1972, when the show first moved from New York to Burbank. (Jimmy Fallon brought it back to New York in 2014.)

There’s…Johnny! follows the life of Andy, a 19-year-old from Nebraska who stumbles into a job on the Tonight Show, and Joy, a talent coordinator for the show, touching on the politics, culture …

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