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Newswire: Pokémon Go users might add years to their lives along with virtual creatures

It seems like the halcyon days of Pokémon Go have come and gone. No longer do you see street corners filled with people trying to conquer gyms, nor do you see reports of crazed mobs running for a Vaporeon. But the effects of the fad may linger, according to a new study done by Microsoft coming to us via CNN. Twitter-based evidence over the summer implied that the nature of the game was actually inspiring couch potatoes to leave the house and get some exercise in order to catch virtual, fantastical critters, and now there’s some hard proof of that very fact.

According to the research, “particularly engaged users” took an average of 1,473 more steps a day using Pokémon Go than they would have otherwise, amounting to more than a 25 percent bounce in their activity. The study was based in part off other research that shows …

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