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Newswire: Cloud Nothings aim to inspire with their new album, Life Without Sound

Cleveland-born indie band Cloud Nothings have some pretty noble aspirations for their forthcoming fifth studio album (sixth if you count last year’s collaborative project with Wavves). Singer-songwriter Dylan Baldi doesn’t want their songs to simply wash over listeners, leaving behind a residue of pleasant diversion. Oh, no. He wants to change some lives.

“Generally, it seems like my work has been about finding my place in the world,” Baldi says in a statement. “But there was a point in which I realized that you can be missing something important in your life, a part you didn’t realize you were missing until it’s there—hence the title. This record is like my version of new age music. It’s supposed to be inspiring.”

With all due respect to Mr. Baldi’s intentions, his “version of new age music” sounds very little like new age music, which we …

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