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Interview: Kyle Kinane on farts, surf slang, and why he’s not writing a book

What you see is what you get with Kyle Kinane. The comedian and self-proclaimed “Uncle Barbeque” is exactly as his stand-up suggests: straightforward to a fault, occasionally a little drunk, and keenly amused with the world’s general absurdity. All of that is on display in Kinane’s new stand-up special, Loose In Chicago, which premieres this Saturday, October 15, on Comedy Central. Filmed in Kinane’s hometown at one of his favorite music venues, the Metro, Loose In Chicago finds Kinane among his people; most of them, he’ll admit, look exactly like him.

Since Kinane is in the business of making other people laugh, The A.V. Club thought it might be interesting to find out what makes him laugh. He put together a list for us, and we ran through it together recently.

Canadians, including The Kids In The Hall, Chixdiggit, and Strange Brew’s Bob and …

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