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Interview: Joel Potrykus on why his characters fuck their meals

Joel Potrykus’ third feature, The Alchemist Cookbook, further cements the writer-director’s status as one of the most interesting and unusual new voices in American independent film. A darkly funny chamber piece set at a secluded trailer home somewhere in Michigan, it centers on an alienated young man (Ty Hickson of Gimme The Loot) as he attempts to summon a demon. Like Potrykus’ earlier films, Ape and the superb Buzzard, it’s a portrait of a loser increasingly consumed by his fantasies of getting back at the world.

But what The A.V. Club wanted to talk to Potrykus about was food: the junk food, messy dinners, and cheap sodas that seem to be such an important part of his characters’ lives. He’s devoted extended scenes to a plate of spaghetti, a game played with Bugles, and a man daring himself to eat cat food. The A.V. Club …

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