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Interview: Ed Brubaker on Westworld, The Fade Out, and his immersion into Hollywood

Ed Brubaker is one of the biggest names in comics, having written hugely popular characters at DC and Marvel (Batman, Captain America, The X-Men) while building an extensive library of creator-owned titles. He’s also been actively pursuing projects in TV and film during that time, which landed him a supervising producer position on the HBO series Westworld. The show debuts in the same month Image Comics releases the deluxe hardcover edition of The Fade Out, Brubaker’s Eisner Award-winning crime noir miniseries set during the early days of the Hollywood blacklist, written while he was working on Westworld. The A.V. Club talked to Brubaker about delving into Hollywood’s past and present, how The Fade Out’s subject matter speaks to the current entertainment industry, and what he’s doing differently for his latest project with The Fade Out’s art team, Kill Or Be Killed.

The A …

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