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Great Job, Internet!: Tour the haunted basement at New York’s 78th police precinct

Visitors to the headquarters of the New York Police Department’s 78th precinct on 6th Avenue in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood will find that the basement is currently home to some murderous psychopaths, disembodied heads (and other body parts), and a whole slew of ghouls and monsters. But they need not be alarmed: It’s all part of a very unorthodox public outreach program. The lower level of the building has currently been converted into a makeshift haunted house in time for the Halloween season. In fact, the police have allowed Gothamist to visit the location and film a video of the tour, with a sinister clown leading the way. The authorities are well aware that people generally find police precincts to be pretty scary places just as they are, but they’re hoping that this “haunted basement” program helps to soften their image a little. Captain Frank DiGiacomo …

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