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Great Job, Internet!: The A.V. Club demands a Chicago Cubs World Series title on behalf of Bob Newhart

Hello? Is this the Chicago Cubs? Yes, it’s The A.V. Club. You know, we live right around the corner from each other? We can hear Wrigley Field concerts from our deck? Oh no, no need to apologize for the Phish shows this summer—Billy Joel and two nights of Pearl Jam made up for it.

Photos from the Dodgers / Cubs game with Jack White

— Bob Newhart (@BobNewhart) September 2, 2015

Listen, we wanted to fill you in about this Bob Newhart fella. Big comedy star from the middle of last century. Put out some funny records; starred in a series of shows with his name in the title. It seems—how did you know? Ah, that’s right, that photo of him and Jack White from last summer. You’d think we’d be a lot better at remembering photos of Jack White at …

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