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Bestcasts: Criminal’s Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer on pot, murder, and podcasting

Bestcasts asks podcasters to discuss the three most memorable episodes of their podcast. Ties are allowed/encouraged. For more podcast coverage, see Podmass,The A.V. Club’s weekly roundup of the best ’casts out there.

The podcasters: Everybody loves a good true-crime story. That’s been made increasingly evident in recent years with the popularity of series like Serial and Making A Murderer. But Criminal, a long-running podcast out of North Carolina, is more than that. Each week, host Phoebe Judge and producer Lauren Spohrer look at crime from a different angle, some of which are fairly surprising. One episode has Criminal focused on a man who trains drug-sniffing dogs, while another featured a woman who has helped dozens of people end their own lives. Criminal has looked at 19th-century New England murder sprees and San Francisco-based pot dealers, with Judge bringing both humanity and a genuine sense of …

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