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TV Review: Eyewitness threads the needle between soapy silliness and gritty cable drama

Much is made of the rural life in Eyewitness. The wide open blue skies, rolling hills, and idyllic lakes of upstate New York occupy a central position in the hearts and minds of the characters, who either find themselves drawn to the serene beauty of the region or frustrated by the sleepy nature of existence just outside the nearby urban heartbeat of NYC. So it’s a little surprising to find the color palette of this series so muted, as though the whole show were passed through an Instagram filter that leeched the brightest images of their intensity. Chalk it up to the aesthetic established in the pilot by Catherine Hardwicke: The Twilight director helmed the first two episodes, and it shows. The same washed-out look of that film is on display here, making even the scenes of people reveling in the great outdoors feel slightly drained, as though it …

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