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TV Club: When the power goes down, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. powers up

The big crisis at the end of episode two was Melinda May’s condition, and that struggle comes to a head this week. The people who have been infected by Lucy and her ghostly cohorts are dying, painfully and horribly, so Jemma brings a restrained and screaming May to Radcliffe’s place, hoping he can pull a rabbit out of a hat. And that’s just what he does. After realizing the infection was triggering unending vivid waking nightmares, sending its victims into ongoing adrenal overdrive—in short, literally scaring them to death—he reasons they need to hit the reset button, restoring May’s mind to its pre-triggered normalcy. It just requires the teensiest bit of, well, killing her. So the challenge looks well within the bounds of the two scientists’ abilities, especially given Jemma’s at the ready with a defibrillator.

And then the power goes out there …

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