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TV Club: The Real O’Neals finally get a little closer to real

The Real O’Neals returns for its second season and maintains the momentum it left off with in season one in a solid, but slow premiere. In relation to the first season’s pilot, season two finds the O’Neals focused more on the realities of their situations––Kenny’s coming out, Eileen and Pat’s divorce––rather than the initial shock of those events. While Jimmy’s anorexia and Shannon’s stealing problems are long gone in this episode, it only further hints that The Real O’Neals has put away the sensational elements of it’s first season and is focusing on developing these characters. Last year’s finale seemed to isolate the O’Neals as a group, but season two sees them branching out in a way that hints at promising secondary characters and relationships outside of the family.

This is what makes “The Real Thang” a …

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