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TV Club: No Tomorrow broadens its horizons

Having established its slightly wacky subject matter in the pilot episode, No Tomorrow wisely spends its second episode filling in the details of who these people are. Evie’s fear of singing in public is grounded in a more general fear of high pressure situations, and Xavier’s interest in the apocalypse is given a little more context, since he’s struggling to come to terms with some tragedies. Plus, the two of them faced an actual relationship dilemma, and worked it out like adults, which is a thing that people have to do even if the world is ending.

Xavier’s cousin Jesse provides a real conundrum. On the one hand, he’s a nonviolent white collar criminal and he’s an important part of Xavier’s life. But on the other hand, being around him makes Evie an accomplice to harboring a fugitive, and Xavier’s initial refusal …

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