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TV Club: Brooklyn Nine-Nine gets to working on “The Night Shift”

Last week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended the “Coral Palms” trilogy, officially presenting the characters and audience with a new obstacle in the Nine-Nine’s way: the night shift. But at the same time, the big selling point for this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been the crossover event with New Girl, which doesn’t exactly jive well when it comes to actually moving the plot forward. It’s a gimmick episode, and after Black-ish’s Disney World advertisement of a season premiere, that type of network synergy can obviously go more wrong than right. See also: Fox’s own Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover, which I’m still not certain actually happened. (It did. It really did.)

But then something funny happens: The show doesn’t allow the crossover gimmick to stop it from being a “real” episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Even with the crossover beat—and really, it …

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