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TV Club: Atlanta’s “B.A.N.” is quite the Nutella sandwich of an episode

Well, that certainly was something.

I hate having to commit to a position on “B.A.N.” so shortly after watching it, because it strikes me as the kind of episode that will either grow or lose esteem with time and repeated viewings. I feel confident that I’ll love most components of “B.A.N.” once the episode is chopped, screwed, GIF’d, and disseminated on Twitter, Tumblr, and The ‘Gram. As an episode, it’s harder to enjoy and feels a little too experimental, even for a show like Atlanta, that relishes in trying unexpected things. The thing about being experimental is that some experiments fail, and while “B.A.N.” is far from a failure, it’s so much of a departure that it’s bound to be as polarizing as a Nutella sandwich.

Here’s the setup: The episode, written and directed by Donald Glover, is …

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