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TV Club: An excellent finale points Halt And Catch Fire toward a promising future

The events of the last episode looked like the end of Halt And Catch Fire, partly because the prospect of watching the main characters deal with the wreckage of their personal and professional lives was almost too much to imagine. As it turns out, the final two episodes of this third season recognize that fact. Donna, Gordon, Cameron, and Joe all crashed, hard. “NIM” shows that the process of putting themselves back together split them all apart, seemingly for good.

A time-jump—like Ryan’s suicide last episode—would be a hoary TV gimmick if it weren’t so justified, and introduced so elegantly here. The pre-credits sequence is a little masterpiece of exposition, as we’re reintroduced to Donna, watching workmen take down the partners sign at Diane’s firm. The initial thought is that the Mutiny debacle has cost Diane her job, until we see there’s a …

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