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Special Topics In Gameology: We were never meant to see Shadow Of The Colossus’ beautiful secrets

Special Topics In Gameology explores a specific corner of the gaming world in a miniseries of articles. In this edition—The Unseen—we examine the things video games leave up to our imaginations.

When we talk about “secrets” in video games, we’re not using quite the right word. When people, or cultures, or governments keep secrets, it’s because they’re embarrassed, or afraid, or hoarding a hidden advantage. Our secrets are our shames and weaknesses, and we can forge intimate relationships by sharing them or be rendered painfully vulnerable when they’re taken from us. The point of a secret is that it must not be revealed, and if it were, there would be consequences for whoever was keeping it. A video game secret works the opposite way. They’re things you’re supposed to find, bonuses or rewards for players who poke around. The more word of …

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