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Newswire: Following fiery fiasco, Samsung halts production of the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is ceasing sales and production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone today, following a previous unsuccessful recall of the product. CNNMoney reports that the phone’s demise comes on the heels of a massive, 2.5 million device recall in September, almost immediately following the Note 7 launch in August.

Reports of the device’s battery catching fire led to the initial recall and apology from Samsung executives, as well as airlines banning travelers from bringing their Note 7 phones onboard. The company did attempt to address the situation, by changing battery vendors and updating the firmware. However, following recall exchanges, several owners reported that their replaced phones were also catching fire.

Yesterday Samsung took the unusual step of advising that all Note 7 owners turn off their phones in the interest of safety, followed by today’s step of a worldwide recall. News of the Note 7’s …

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