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Newswire: Dreaming about your funeral is better than working in this Exits exclusive

What would it feel like to be invisible? Sure, you might be able to do all sorts of things that you wouldn’t do if you could be seen, but what happens when the novelty runs out and you’ve disappeared from the world? Cartoonist Daryl Seitchik explores these questions in her new Koyama Press graphic novel, Exits, following a young woman who randomly turns invisible one night after her shift at the mirror store.

This exclusive excerpt from the book details the final moments of Claire Kim’s workday just before the supernatural incident, highlighting Seitchik’s mix of melancholy and humor as Claire fantasizes about her funeral to escape from her work duties. As much as Claire wants this to be a mournful occasion, she can’t prevent her mind from undermining the seriousness by having the funeral’s guests increasingly lose interest in the main event, and …

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