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Newswire: Chucky’s stunt double speaks in an exclusive clip from the Child’s Play Blu-ray

Tom Holland’s Child’s Play, the best killer doll movie not produced by Charles Band, is getting the special-edition treatment from Scream Factory, in the form of a two-disc set being released next week. The A.V. Club has been granted an exclusive clip featuring an interview with Ed Gale, who portrayed the murderous Good Guy doll in select scenes throughout the film:

Making Chucky believable was a team effort; if audiences weren’t scared of a homicidal “My Buddy” surrogate, the entire film would collapse. Credited as “Chucky Stunt Double,” Gale portrayed Chucky whenever director Tom Holland needed the doll to move without wires through the use of oversized sets. But, in the clip, Gale explains that while he did play Chucky, several puppeteers, the writers, and the voiceover work of Brad Dourif also brought life to the horror icon. The doll sequences in Child’s Play are …

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