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Movie Review: Slight and sweet, Little Sister scores one for the weirdos

Little Sister star Addison Timlin is not an intimidating physical presence. In fact, standing next to her hulking co-star Keith Poulson, who plays her older brother, she seems like a little girl dressed in an oversized cardigan and button-up denim shirt. That image fits her character, Colleen, an ex-Goth in her early 20s who ran away from home to become a nun and has now returned to confront the dysfunction that made her flee in the first place. It fits the movie, too, a slight, sweetly cynical indie dramedy about family and belonging and the ways we cope with life’s disappointments.

As the opening quote from Marilyn Manson flashes onto the screen, one might expect Little Sister to lean a little too heavily on the quirky side of things. And director Zach Clark’s recurring trick of cutting in VHS-style home-video and news clips throughout occasionally does come across …

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