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Interview: Halt And Catch Fire showrunners talk season finale: “It scared us, and it felt bold”

The following discusses the final two episodes of Halt And Catch Fire’s third season.

A day after AMC renewed Halt And Catch Fire for its fourth and final season, the series took one small step for period dramas, one giant leap for depictions of the personal computing boom. As you can read in The A.V. Club’s review of season three’s two-part finale, the show skipped four years ahead in its timeline, bringing a show that was previously set in the 1980s into the flannel-clad, Windows-running, Pixies-soundtracked ’90s. The A.V. Club spoke to showrunners Chris Cantwell and Chris Rogers about the big time jump, blowing up relationships, and where the show is headed in season four.

Chris Cantwell (left), Chris Rogers, and Toby Huss on the set of Halt And Catch Fire (Photo: Tina Rowden/AMC)

The A.V. Club: When did you learn that the …

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