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ABC’s ‘Nightline’ Launches ‘Inside the Final 30’ as Election Day Looms

ABC’s “Nightline” is returning to its roots with “Inside the Final 30,” a daily look at the historical presidential election and how the Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump showdown is being covered.

When “Nightline” debuted in 1979, it was a daily update on the Iran hostage crisis. The show will once again stick with the same topic every night with a daily documentary series leading up to Election Day.

While the hostage crisis lasted 444 days, the election is less than a month away. “Nightline” executive prouder Roxanna Sherwood told TheWrap that the show aims to take viewers behind the scenes on the campaign trail.

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“It’s important that while we go about our reporting on a race made for the history books, we provide as much insight as we can,” Sherwood said “The goal is to give our viewers as much transparent context to some of the most defining moments of our time and transcend the daily headlines to provide a broader perspective.”

Throughout the 30 days, “Nightline” co-anchor Byron Pitts and chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran will travel around the country on the trail to speak with voters as they come to their final decisions. The series will include reporting from “Nightline” co-anchors Juju Chang and Dan Harris, as well as correspondent David Wright.

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The series kicked off on Monday with a behind-the-scenes look at the second presidential debate.

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